woensdag 29 april 2015

Please help our friends in Nepal now!

The road to M2M
Today not a happy blog about hair, but hard facts and a clear call for help. The terrible earthquake in Nepal is taking more and more lives. Many people want to help and ask us what they can do. At this time, things are not very clear. There is a lot of chaos and communication is very difficult. Kathmandu already had energy supply challenges in the past, the consequences now are disastrous.

In 2007, we founded the non-profit organization Make Up 2 Make Up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our involvement and consternation is therefore large. This disaster is affecting thousands, including many of our friends and participants in our project.

Laura and Shiva

Our local contacts and co-workers Kim and Laura, Shiva and baby Remi are ok. They have taken shelter at the English Embassy where they are being cared for.

We are still waiting for confirmation from a few people of Make Up 2 Make Up. Some have already let us know that they are ok, we know nothing about others. We hope for the best and assume that they have no internet access or electricity to keep us up to date.

As if the hardship was not bad enough already, we are also receiving word that violence and discrimination against the people of the transgender community is rising. They are being bullied from water and food supplies and are being denied access to lavatories.

Moments like these could bring people closer together, but maybe that’s just naive reasoning. This is certainly not what is happening at the moment with our friends in Nepal.

We still have some money left in the Make Up 2 Make Up account that we will donate as soon as we are certain it will arrive at its destination.
Financial aid is really very important at this time, so this is a clear call for your help:

Please make a donation on bank account number BE15 7310 1699 9930 (Make Up 2 Make Up, SWIFT/BIC code: KREDBEBB), and we will ensure that 100% of your money will arrive in Kathmandu. We don’t have an expensive organization to run or pockets to fill on the way. The people in Kathmandu and Nepal need our support very badly.
Thousands are homeless

Imagine yourself being in the same situation. How happy would you be with a generous gesture for your loved ones, so that you could take care of your kids and yourself. Water, food, medicine, tents,… so many things are needed. Thousands of people are homeless. They are sleeping in the streets under plastic sheets and the rainy season is approaching. Be generous.

Karma is not a bitch!

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